A day in the life of an artisanal jewelry artist

Photo 1

Elise Perelman, the founder, owner of LUNESSA, a boutique artisanal jewelry store on Spring Street in Soho, poses outside her store. A self-taught jewelry maker, Elise graduated from FIT and started LUNESSA in 2005. The store developed after Perelman had a dream of finding stones and jewels in an enchanted forest, which became the theme of LUNESSA and all its jewelry.

Photo 2

All the jewelry in the store is handcrafted and follows the theme of the enchanted forest, filled with precious “magic” stones, rings, necklaces and earrings inspired by branches, nature symbols, and moon and butterfly motifs. Her jewelry is in the average price range of $500-$2000 and features gold and silver creations and wedding jewelry as well.

Photo 3

The physical store itself also follows the enchanted forest concept with display trays and shelves made from real wood replicating trees, floral mirrors and leaf wreathes and, artwork inspired by this theme as well. The store space is also used by Perelman to host jewelry making parties for children, an additional source of revenue.

Photo 4

Perelman’s day usually consists of opening her store up, making some jewelry, running errands, coordinating with raw material suppliers, and her favorite part, dealing with and helping her customers. She enjoys the conversation that goes along with each purchase, and accessorizing people with different tastes inspires her future creations.

Photo 5

For Perelman, jewelry creation is an immersive activity that she just gets lost in. She seeks to bring a different quality to every piece she designs. Her personal favorite ornaments to make are the ones that involve “magic” stones or energy crystals, as she feels they have a positive effect on her and potentially on the wearer of the jewelry.

Photo 6

Even though artisanal handcrafted jewelry is popular, Perelman feels the strain of running a storefront in Soho with high rent and a shift to online purchasing. She is debating closing her physical storefront and just running an online venture to stay profitable and have more time to handcraft jewelry.

Photo 7

Here, she showcases some of her creations and favorite rings against the backdrop of her store, LUNESSA.

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